Our core competencies include gear analysis, gear cutting, heat treating, and surface superfinishing. 

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We switched to US Gear well over 30 years ago. We stock over 12,000 sets of US gears which we sell with confidence because of the quality, plus, they’re made here in the good old USA! So it’s a win-win situation – good for our country and good for you. Ask me personally, buy US Gear!

“Good for our country and good for you”
Tom Watt, Tom's Differentials

DTS is proud to be a distributor of US Gear ring and pinions which are made in the United States of America. We sell with confidence knowing that the end user will be buying a high quality gear along with keeping American’s employed.

“US Gear is keeping Americans employed”
Drive Train Specialists

US Gear is extremely dedicated to continuously improving and investing in making its product better. I believe what really separates a performance company from the rest of the field is a constant obsession with being proud of what you produce today knowing that tomorrow you will evolve and make it better.

“I can unequivocally state that the people at US Gear “get it"”
Jeff Stange, Strange Engineering

Here at Moser, we understand that gear sets require a level of attention that borders on art as much as science...a knack for knowing how, why, and when to apply a skill set. It is with confidence that we recommend US Gear, as they have long been a timely supplier of the highest quality and have dependable delivery times.

“US Gear has long been a timely supplier of the highest quality and have dependable delivery times.”
Kip Hayden, Moser Engineering
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