Ford Super 8.8" IRS Ring and Pinion Installation Kit

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US Gear Ford Super 8.8" IRS Installation Kit- 2015 & Newer Mustang

US Gear provides all the necessary components you need to install your new ring and pinion gear sets. Our ring and pinion installation kits include the following: 

  • Pinion shims and carrier shims
  • Pinion nut and pinion seal
  • Cover gasket
  • Ring gear bolts
  • Spacers
  • Crush sleeve
  • Gear marking compound and brush


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THE US GEAR INSTALLATION KIT US2013 IS SUITABLE FOR the 2015 and newer mustang models. 

Associated Ring & Pinion Sets
Ring & Pinion Part # Lightning #
Ford Super 8.8" IRS 3.73 07-888373-15 07-888373-15ISF
Ford Super 8.8" IRS 3.91 07-888391-15 07-888391-15ISF