Portal Wheel End Kit - Dana 60

PART #: 940001503A01
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Portal Wheel End Kit | Dana 60 | 4-Wheel Steer

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The US Gear portal wheel ends are specifically designed for off-road and motorsports applications requiring additional ground clearance. Available as bolt-on kits for rigid and steerable axles, its modular design features a removable attachment knuckle that can be used with multiple axle housings.

Besides providing a 4.9 in / 124 mm lift in true ground clearance, the portal wheel ends were built with the following targets: 6,000 lb / 2,700 kg vehicle weight with 5G loading (5 times normal axle loading - 1g static + 4G dynamic), 500 lb·ft / 680 N·m engine torque, speeds from crawl to 80 mph / 130 kph in 60% grades, wheels with 7 in / 178 mm backspacing, and a 10,000 hour life for gears and bearings.

The unique four gear design makes installation simple and cost-effective: eliminating the need for reverse rotation gearing allows it to be a bolt-on unit, avoiding re-engineering the axle and suspension installation that requires the removal and replacement of existing axles. This allows end users to keep their current axles and increase their capability.

The portal wheel ends are made with military-strength materials of the highest quality. The case and cover are made from ductile (nodular) iron, the input shaft from 4340 steel (1.5 in / 38.1 mm, 35-tooth spline), the output shaft from 4140 steel (2.0 in / 50.8 mm diameter, 41-tooth spline), and gearing from 8620 steel with a thickness of 2.25 in / 57.2 mm for maximum torque capacity and life. All components are heat treated, and gearing, input shafts, and output shafts are case carburized.

The first-class materials used add weight to the vehicle for extra strength and durability, with the extra mass being very close to the ground level, acting as a countermeasure to the lift.

Bolt-on kits are currently available for:

  • Dana 60 u-joint / kingpin steerable axle
  • Dana 60 rigid axle
  • GM corporate 14 bolt
  • Ford Sterling 10.25" / 10.5" rigid axle

With a modular approach in mind, the four bolt-on kits that are currently offered share the same portal box and brake, the adapater knuckle being unique to each axle. Experienced axle builders can adapt this portal wheel end to any axle with the use of an aftermarket high-strength Dana 60 inner “C” and the appropriate axle shaft changes.

Ground clearance lift 4.9 in
Reduction 1.5:1
Vehicle configurations 4-Wheel Steer
Brakes Heavy-duty rotor with Willwood four-piston caliper
Wheel size 16.5 in diameter or larger with a minimum backspace of 5 in (the more backspace the better)
Approximate additional weight 75 lb / 34 kg per corner
Central tire inflation compatibility Optional
Lubricant API GL-5 80W90 gear oil