Our Lightning® Series gears undergo a unique treatment known as Isotropic Superfinishing (ISF®). The ISF treatment is an industry-leading process that uses mass finishing equipment with non-hazardous chemical accelerants to surface treat ring and pinion sets. Testing shows that treated gears have proven to improve performance of racecars and are used by NASCAR and IndyCar teams!

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Our Superfinishing Capabilities

The superfinishing treatment our Lightning Series gears undergo is completed in-house and is available for all our street and competition ring and pinion gears.

The superfinish process produces not only an outstanding highly-polished look, it also generates a nondirectional low RA surface, which is the measurement of surface finish, or smoothness, of a part. Produced with mass finishing equipment in conjunction with chemical accelerants, the ISF process is nonhazardous and environmentally friendly.

  • Eliminates Break-in
  • Reduces Friction and Wear
  • Increases Part Durability
  • Improves Corrosion Resistance
  • Reduces Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Improves Oil Retention Properties
  • Reduces Contact and Bending Fatigue
  • Improves Pitting Resistance
  • Reduces Vibration and Noise
  • Extends Component Life
  • Reduces Part Failures
  • Minimizes Overheating
The Superfinishing Process
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