Team OTSFF/MOTUL Heads to King of the Hammers as Guests of US Gear

Posted February 9, 2019

On February 8th team OTSFF/MOTUL’s 6100 Spec Trophy Truck will make an appearance at the 13th annual King of the Hammers, a mega off-road event that combines desert racing and rock crawling. Held on Means Dry Lake at Johnson Valley, CA between Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 9th, the event is open to dirt bikes, quads, and UTVs on the days leading up to the main event on Friday, February 8th, which is the actual King of the Hammers race. This race features ULTRA 4 vehicles. So what is the OTSFF/MOTUL 6100 truck doing there? We’re glad you asked.

Upon the request of team sponsor US Gear – a manufacturer of differential and transmission components – team owner Andre Laurin agreed to have the truck onsite at the company’s show booth. With more than 35,000 spectators flocking to the King of the Hammers race, Laurin agreed with US Gear’s Strategic Planning & Marketing Manager, Cynthia Norris, that the event would be a great place to showcase the OTSFF/MOTUL 6100 beast. 

There was only one hitch: There was no time to clean up and refurbish the truck to showcase status, as it just finished the gruelling Parker 425 in Arizona on February 2nd. That wasn’t a problem for Ms. Norris, as she reasoned that fans and enthusiasts would be able to see the type of condition these trucks finish in after a 425-mile desert race. Laurin and team manager/builder, Adam Fitza, agreed. The truck, as is, warts and all, would indeed be an attraction and conversation piece.

“We’re fortunate to have team OTSFF’s 6100 Trophy Truck in our booth at King of the Hammers. At US Gear, we value our strong strategic partners and
OTSFF Off Road plays an integral part of this process. We’ve worked closely with the team in ensuring our
gears always hold up to the harsh racing conditions they face. As a manufacturer, we value the team effort in getting immediate feedback and real-life testing. It reinforces our commitment to the industry and we’re glad to have OTSFF on board with us,” Norris said. Fitza, who will be onsite to talk about the race truck and answer questions, echoed Norris’s train of thought.

 “After the Parker race, the truck was definitely a little bruised and battered. That’s not always the case after an event, but this   time it was. When I arrived at Means Dry Lake with it on Monday, I was kind of surprised by the huge crowd already there,   seeing the big race is not until Friday. I wasn’t all that surprised that a lot of people came to have a look at
 the truck, however. I mean, these are off road racing enthusiasts and racing vehicles attract them like moths to the proverbial   flame, regardless of the condition they’re in,” Fitza noted.

 We at Team OTSFF/MOTUL are honored to have been invited by US Gear, a brand of AxleTech, to put our truck on display at   the King of the Hammers event. We would like to invite everyone to come to Means Dry Lake for some great racing action and   to visit the US Gear booth. Cynthia and Adam will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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